Krist Novoselic doing things

Nothing on this blog is meant to be taken seriously.

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oscars-for-leo asked: Sorry about spamming you with notes I'm just... So happy this blog exists

The unfaltering love this blog continues to get blows my mind

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porcelain-horse-horselain asked: OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Every time I look at the #Krist-Novoselic tag, it's a whole bunch of pictures of Dave and Kurt that people tagged as Krist for no apparent reason...!!! I love them, but I need my fix of pix of adorable giant Croatian bassist <3 <3 <3

I thought that said ‘croissant bassist’ for a second there. I love Krist, thank you lovely. <3

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dualflora asked: Where have you been, dear? Please come back, all the Kristmaniacs need your blog <3

This blog has somewhat become an icon and I shall leave it for people to enjoy. I love you all <3

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polaroid-ghosts asked: Your blog is seriously the best thing ever.

The amount of love and attention this blog still gets astounds me

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Anonymous asked: Can you please tell me where the gif of krist slapping dave is from ???

I’ll post a link for you :)

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ringulec asked: I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! THANKS YOU!!! Merry Christmas ; D!

This makes me smile. <3